M. I. Mikhailov

M. I. Mikhailov
Belarusian indologist (researcher, translator and publisher)

Key to the Vedas, Part I, Integral Hermeneutics, Minsk, 2005

Key to the Vedas, Part I, Integral Hermeneutics, Minsk, 2005
An epoch-making discovery

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Groundbreaking new book revealing ancient secret technology

M. I. Mikhailov & N. S. Mikhailov,

Key to the Vedas

Minsk, 2005, 376 pp.


Second Edition

Our 'textual archeology' of the Vedas reveals behind a supercode a sophisticated computer operational system with a large digital database!

Rare are those scholars who dare tackle the Four Vedas as an integral whole. This is really a pioneering work opening new dimensions and absolutely new unexplored content of the ancient sacred texts of India.

During the last four years, we have been trying to comprehend the enormous amount of binary mathematical–astronomical information enclosed in syllabic verses of the Four Vedas. Now, we affirm with aplomb that we have found a really working supercode.

Dear Friend, enter this hub for all international seekers of eternity and happiness through the knowledge of infinite Time and Time reckoning. Try to catch the essence of the Paradise Lost of ancient Higher Science of Time Programming. Find a digital signature of ancient Vedic Dharma Super-Civilization in the form of perfect multilayer digitally encoded sacred scripture!

The book M. I. Mikhailov & N. S. Mikhailov, Key to the Vedas: Integral Hermeneutics, Minsk, 2005, 376 pp. is an authorial English translation of the First Part of the second enlarged edition of the “Key to the Vedas”, which appeared first in 2005 in Russian.

The Russian “Key to the Vedas” in three volumes embraced Mikhailovs' twenty-year research of hidden secret mathematical codes in the Vedas, Mahabharatam, Bhagavadgitam, Ramayanam. And the research is revealing further hard mathematical evidence, which is to be supplement the three volumes of the ‘Key to the Vedas’.

The English translation has been made by M. Mikhailov for the benefit of all sincere English readers all around the world.

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Successful Decoding of the Most Cryptic Texts

This publication contains methodology of our successful decipherment of the computer program Catur-Veda (considered usually a sacred scripture), its philosophy and its digital codes including (sic!) the Vedic printing (so called Harappan) script.

In the forthcoming Second Part, you will find a description and samples of a very large database of strict exact scientific information encoded in a dozen of mathematical codes in the Vedas, Mahabharatam and Ramayanam as well as in the Indus script!

If you don't exactly have money to burn and are looking to find a successful way of understanding the hidden secret meaning of the Vedas in your spare time, I've got great news...

Forget about spending $100's on over-priced advice and abstract theorizing. It's all right here, and...

Designed Specifically For
Low-Effort, Deep-Understanding Returns.

If you're short on cash but big on ideas, this new book will have you hitting the ground running.

In simple, easy-to-understand language, it covers virtually all of the major decisions and "stumbling blocks" that not only start-up but all most experienced Vedic scholars are faced with...

And helps you over the major hurdles and minor annoyances that can waste months of your time and hundreds (if not thousands) of your hard-earned dollars.

Here's just a sample of what you'll get:

· How to find a great method for your Vedic or Sanskrit historical research

· Why all European and Indian textual criticisms are misleading and not reliable when dealing with the secret language of the Vedas

· Why using them even as a "FREE service" could be the kiss of death for your research

· Choosing the proper way of understanding - When higher authority is NOT better, and how to tell the difference

· How to interpret and decode the most intricate ciphers and their conjunctions of the magnificent Vedic operational system and its subprograms with GUARANTEED results

· How to harness the power of mathematics and its logic for automated decipherment of the Vedic astronomical supercode and digital databases encoded in the Vedas

· The truth about Vedic Cosmic Philosophy and its astronomical application

· How to interpret astronomically Vedic so-called "sacrifices" (mathematical-calendrical formulas)... Here's exactly how they work, and why they can be your ticket to instant understanding of the Vedic astronomy

· The Key to the Vedas is your Resource Guide - Virtually everything you need to scrutinize the Vedic mechanics and programming at your fingertips, accessible with the click of a button of your calculator. Stop wasting time surfing the web and searching the libraries for hours... It's all right here.

Contrary to popular belief, one of the biggest problems facing Vedic and Sanskrit start-up scholars is NOT lack of information... It's INFORMATION OVERLOAD... False promises... Usual pitfalls of colonial, naturalistic, nationalistic and religious ideology...

You may already know what I'm talking about.

Sometimes it seems like there are endless decisions to make, way to many choices...

...And you wind up not knowing where to start.

The Key to the Vedas is designed to catapult you through all that. In clear, concise, take-you-by-the-hand-and-show-you-the-secret language, it gives you clear direction and will have you understand the most cryptic expressions and procedures as quickly as humanly possible.

Don't waste another minute, get it now and not only will you be on the fast-track to successful decoding of the Vedas, but you'll even have an "instant" methodology to apply to your own indological or historical research.

To your success, the Key to the Vedas Success Team

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